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When I woofed through Spain with a college friend after graduation, we worked on a farm surrounded by by these tasty but vicious little beasts. The slight brush of naked vulnerable skin against its leaves causes a mild chemical burn that can result in an itchy rash depending on skin sensitivity. Many people believe that the nettles actually stimulate blood circulation in the body.  We used them as a substitution for spinach in lasagna. Delicious.


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Over Thanksgiving, I had the privilege once again of visiting the Shums. Needless to say, endless amounts of cooking and eating occurred. My contribution: vegan potato pierogis, vegetarian apple, brie and spinach filled pastries (based on this empanada recipe, a variation of this coconut kale recipe and vegan Israeli couscous with olives and roasted tomatoes. Yum.

I recently guest blogged on a yummyfoto, posting my variation of Smitten kitchen’s potato pierogis.

I give you Melanie’s delicious pierogis, Asian-style.